Seven things about me


There’s “7 things meme” among Mozilla community where you can… ARGH! TOO LONG!
Otto tagged me, so here’s 7 things you may know (or may not) know about me. Oh, wait. First, the rules.

The rules

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged.

7 things

  1. My real name is Zulkarnain Kencana.
  2. I never been graduated from college.
  3. I’m a heavy smoker.
  4. I love sci-fi, manga, anime, chocolate.
  5. My mother called me “Mr. Spock” when I was a kid because of my eyebrows and especially my ears. At least it wasn’t the haircut.
  6. I was in a band when I was in high school and college. I played drums.
  7. Wanted to be like James Bond when I was a kid.

7 victims

  1. Alix F, Spread Firefox admin who sent me Firefox t-shirt and souvenirs. I don’t know if she ever had a blog outside of SFx.
  2. Tara Shahian, Mozilla Community Store. This month marks one year since she joined Mozilla.
  3. Shawn Wilsher, my Digg buddy, Mozila contributor and maintainer of DOM Inspector.
  4. Jason Barnabe, SUMO, former admin of MozillaZine Forums, author of Stylish extension and admin of
  5. Jesse Andrews, admin of, author of Book Burro and other extensions. Currently is working on a project called cliKball.
  6. Asian Angel, FoxieWire admin and LifeHacker intern
    although Ken Saunders already tagged her.
  7. Pandu Poluan, author of KasKusMenu extension and because his last blog post was 5 months ago.



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Paste to Tab and Go 0.2


ExtensionPaste to Tab and Go version 0.2 is now available at Mozilla Add-ons.

There are no major changes from previous version, except now it supports Songbird and eMusic Remote.



Statistics for Friday, May 2, 2008

Total Downloads (Since Apr. 30, 2008): 52
Last Day Count (Thursday, May. 1): 34
Average Daily Downloads: 26
Downloads in the last 7 days: 52

Active Daily Users
Active Daily Users (On Thursday, May. 1): 8
Change from previous count (8 on Apr. 30): 0
Average Daily Active Users: 8

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Welcome Robot!


Welcome Robot!

The new Mozilla’s about: entry has landed on Firefox 3.0 Beta 5. It was first checked in on 20080308 trunk builds. You can type “about:robots” to see it. If you’re using Firefox prior to version 3.0b5, you can see it online at

See also:

FoxieWire extension statistics



Source: Mozilla Add-ons Statistics Dashboard RSS feed


Total Downloads (Since Feb. 21, 2008): 876
Last Day Count (Wednesday, Mar. 26): 24
Average Daily Downloads: 27
Downloads in the last 7 days: 242

Active Daily Users
Active Daily Users (On Wednesday, Mar. 19): 179
Change from previous count (40 on Mar. 12): +347.5%
Average Daily Active Users: 58

ScribeFire for SeaMonkey


Philip Chee wrote:

I’ve ported ScribeFire 1.4.6 to SeaMonkey. Unfortunately I don’t have a blog or live journal account so I can’t test the upload features. So I’m requesting help from SeaMonkey users to test this port.

Here is the test extension: scribefire-1.4.6-mod.xpi

Help verify the upload/digg/technorati functions!

ScribeFire homepage possibly with instructions on how to use although I haven’t found them yet….


  1. Inline spellchecking only works in SeaMonkey 1.1 and above.
  2. There is a settings panel but it’s very well hidden (even in Firefox). How many of you can find it?
  3. The ScribeFire pane can be configured to be above or below the tabbrowser. Please test both options.


FoxieWire extension


ExtensionSend a web page, link, or frame to FoxieWire from context menu or toolbar button.

FoxieWire extension


  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 – 3.0.*
  • Flock 0.7 – 1.0.*
  • Netscape 9.0a – 9.0.*


Source available at

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Script Page Links Addition


Greasemonkey user script that add links to save to and other social bookmark services, submit to Digg, Reddit and FoxieWire on script page at


Install this script

Paste to Tab and Go


ExtensionPaste a string to tab and load it, like Paste and Go 2 extension. But unlike Paste and Go, this extension will paste a string from clipboard to a tab without switching to the tab first.

Paste to Tab and Go

This extension is relatively small, so I think it’ll be good if this be integrated into Paste and Go 2 or Tab Mix Plus extensions. No? Well, what do you think?


  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 – 3.0.*
  • Flock 0.7 – 1.0.*
  • Netscape 9.0a – 9.0.*


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