The New SeaMonkey Logo

After months of submissions and selection processes, the SeaMonkey Weblog announced a new logo for the project and application. The initial call for logo submissions was answered with no fewer than 197 different proposals submitted by Mozilla and SeaMonkey community members. From those 197 logos, among many good options, they selected the new logo after many discussions and a long decision process.

SeaMonkeyThe new artwork centers around an abstract figure resembling a “Sea Monkey“, colored in a light, cyan/blue color, standing out from a dark blue circle with a wave pattern in the middle. This design, created by Alex Butin, not only looks professional and polished, but also fits perfectly as an icon on a modern computer desktop and is easily recognizable even in small sizes. Additionally, the look matches the rest of the family (Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird) quite well. And while the soft shapes and color shades create a very polished impression, the waves and the figure make people feel the new dynamic the internet suite application has gained through the new project.


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