My blog has been infected 😮 because of Priyadi 👿



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3 Responses to “Blog.Worm”

  1. Al Says:

    Heya… I see that you write a lot of userscripts… Do you think you could make one that displays the number of characters that have been typed into a textarea box as a mouseover tooltip?

    (I imagine this is probably pretty easy, but I don’t know javascript/XPath very well)

  2. LouCypher Says:

    I haven’t tried to write it yet, but I use Jesse Ruderman‘s character count bookmarklet for that.

  3. siRio Says:

    if do you mean input-history then you can add

    function criteria()

    //get your input
    var inputSelect = document.getElementById("inputList")
    var input = inputSelect.value

    //remind your input list to the history
    your_input_history(input, "inputList", "input_list_history")

    function your_input_history(string, listID, menuID)
    var inputBox = document.getElementById(listID);
    var inputPopup = document.getElementById(menuID);
    var inputlength = inputPopup.childNodes.length;

    for(var i=inputPopup.childNodes.length-1; i>=7; i--)


    then add the id,

    hope that will works 🙂

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