Flock 0.5.11 has been Released

FlockLong time no Flock.

When I tried to download Flock 0.5.9 after reading this post, I found that version 0.5.10 is available for download.

Updated: Flock 0.5.11 has been released.

Download mirrors:


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6 Responses to “Flock 0.5.11 has been Released”

  1. [2006/02/09 - 2006/02/13] 網摘 at 二三街角 Says:

    […] Flock 0.5.10 (aka 0.6) is available Bug 修正,還有新的 Flickr Photo Uploader?Photo Browser?Blog Editor?Shadows.com 與 Technorati.com 的支?。??為什麼這些功能??? firefox 的 extension 呢 ? […]

  2. Hologram of TW Fame Says:

    Previous versions of flock that I’ve tried show tons of potential.

    (I found your blog from userscripts.org btw)

  3. Jesse Andrews Says:

    Hey, this is Jesse (of userscripts.org/book burro/and now flock) … we seem to hang in same circles… give me an email …

  4. No Title Says:

    Flock 0.5.12

  5. Luminus Says:

    Hey, this is off topic but I just wanted to know how you get these images to the right of your post to represent your tags

  6. LouCypher Says:

    <a href="/tag/mytag" title="My Tag"><img src="image_url" alt="Image" align="right" /></a>

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