Technorati Tags Greasemonkey Update

GreasemonkeyBecause of the changes in Dashboard URL, the Technorati Tags Button Greasemonkey script stops working.

To continue to work with it,

  1. Open Greasemonkey User Scripts Manager
    (Tools -> Manage User Script)
  2. Select Add Technorati Tags on the left panel
  3. Change the http protocol in Included pages field to https,
    i.e. https://*

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8 Responses to “Technorati Tags Greasemonkey Update”

  1. studio17 Says:

    TMP still isn’t compatible with Flock.
    Meanwhile, I’ve done some hard-core coding
    and I’ve released version of my superT extension!
    It has much more features now.
    Check it out!
    Get it here:
    MozillaZine thread:

  2. LouCypher Says:

    Hey, Frank, thanks for making SuperT. I have installed it on Flock, but haven’t used it much, I’m currently having problem with my Firefox profiles.

    I agree with cyberrus comment, “TabMix Plus became cluttered with plethora of useless options…”, I might replace TMP with SuperT on Firefox as well.

  3. studio17 Says:

    no problem.

    glad you like it.

    have you notified np (Jason) about making Stylish 0.3 compatible with Flock 0.4-1.0?

    the sidebar version by Kupfel is compatible with Flock 0.4-1.0, because it notified Kupfel about it.

  4. Chrono Cr@cker Says:

    Thanks Lou!

  5. zelig Says:

    Hi. Thanks for the useful scripts.

    Adding the following two lines in the Includes Pages


    may help as well.

    The first one seems not to be included in the original script download (the all-in-one, which I have downloade). The second will make the script work while editing existing posts as well.

    P.S. The Technorati Tools page still links to your other (old) page. The link to this page is in the comments and it would be easier to have a link to here in the post’s Update section.

  6. kbaggs Says:

    I can’t get it to work. I have my own domain I have changed all teh * to I have added the lines from Zelig and still don’t see the buttons.

  7. buggeddebugger Says:

    Is it possible to use the script with the Visual Rich Editor? I really can’t do without it. The html makes me go crazy.

  8. zelig Says:

    Had forgot this thread but the new My Comments feature on brought me back here.

    Hi kbaggs. Could you get it to work on your site?
    If not, maybe you could post here the URIs of the post-pages when you edit posts on your domain. It may help to find out where’s the problem.

    Also, you may want to have a look here for a detailed description of how Greasemonkey process the @include directives.

    Good luck.

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