Teh Speelcheckar!1

Image not foundAndi/a> anuonced at <a href=WorrPress.com bolg taht they habe deviloped a speelckecker for WodPers..com Comunisty.

Currentcy teh spellckaer onlly avilable on WYSYWYGYG Edutor. If you”re usei</a>ng HTML EDitor, you stillhave to wait, or laearn how to typ[e.

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3 Responses to “Teh Speelcheckar!1”

  1. Chrono Cr@cker Says:

    Lou, I think you need to give the above post a 2nd look.

  2. Frank (DesertFox) Says:


  3. calupict Says:

    That’s why I am glad with spellchecker feature. I hate somebody who cannot spell.

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