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Script Page Links Addition


Greasemonkey user script that add links to save to and other social bookmark services, submit to Digg, Reddit and FoxieWire on script page at


Install this script


[GM Script] Flickr: Filter images in comments


Filter images in photo comments or discussion page.

Filter images in comments

This script was inspired by Steffen J.‘s Flickr Filter Hearts. The differences are:

  • This script only filter images that has width more than 200px and height more than 50px or if the image height is more than 100px.
  • Instead of goes to the photo page if you click the replacement link, this will toggle show/hide the image.
  • Works on group discussion page and forums as well.
  • Opera UserJS compatible.

Use either this script or Flickr Hearts.

Install this script:

Technorati Tags Greasemonkey Update


GreasemonkeyBecause of the changes in Dashboard URL, the Technorati Tags Button Greasemonkey script stops working.

To continue to work with it,

  1. Open Greasemonkey User Scripts Manager
    (Tools -> Manage User Script)
  2. Select Add Technorati Tags on the left panel
  3. Change the http protocol in Included pages field to https,
    i.e. https://*

Evil Google Logo (updated)



A Greasemonkey script written by Amos. It replaces Google logo with the image created by Students for a Free Tibet.

I have modified this script so that it works on all local Google domains.



  1. Evil Google Logo script by Amos at
  2. Evil Google Logo (all countries) script by me at
  3. Boing Boing: Script to replace Google logo with Evil Google logo
  4. Students for a Free Tibet
  5. Official Google Blog: Google in China

Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Technorati Tags Button (updated)


I just read A Tagging Bookmarklet for WordPress and Users on Lorelle’s blog. She uses Andrew Beacock‘s Oddiophile’s Technorati Tags Bookmarklet to add Technorati Tags. Then I thought, why don’t use a Greasemonkey userscript?

So here it is.

Technorati Tags Button

The button will add Technorati tags at the very bottom of the post after you enter some tags.


As Lorelle suggested, I made another Greasemonkey script to add site search tags.


Yahoo! Flock Start Page?


Yahoo! Flock


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